Gresham Folk and Friends Concert Pictures From Evening

Organised by Committee member Ros, this concert highlighted the talent of Gresham villagers. The winter’s evening was chilly but the audience was cheered to have the church path bathed in solar lights and the church atmospheric with candles.

The performers sang and played instruments, sometimes to the amazement of the audience, who had no idea that, for instance, John Stibbons played the accordion, and very well he played it too. Local volunteers (Gresham Ladies and friends) sang together in unison and harmony after few rehearsals under Ros’ tutelage, singing a range of songs well known to many. There were poems, chosen independently, but amazingly, two by Rudyard Kipling. A story teller (a former resident of Gresham) engaged the audience brilliantly, once in each half of the concert. In the second half the audience was taught a song and sang it quite successfully in parts. There was a real swell of sound too, when we all sang the final song together: Summertime is coming ( will ye go, lassie, go?)

Refreshments were served at the end; people collected their tombola prizes and all agreed it had been a wonderful evening. We hope to have something similar next year. Thanks go to all who helped and supported, but Ros was the driving force and we are most grateful for her work on this event. £330.00 was raised

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