September Newsletter

Dear All

I hope you have enjoyed a good summer in this glorious weather. Despite some ill- health among our number, the Committee is due to reconvene next week to plan initially for our two remaining events this year and then look forward to what we might put on next year’s calendar.

On Saturday, October 27th we will host a concert in the church at 7.30pm; it will be a choral and oral celebration of autumn and harvest, featuring a local choir led by Natasha Hood. Natasha was a star performer in our concert last February some of you may remember. More details about tickets, refreshments and so on, will follow in next month’s newsletter and in Quintet.

In November, on 24th, again a Saturday, there will be a gig in the Village Hall, performed by the local group, “The Lighters”, playing their own music as well as covers of hits, both recent and from the 20th century. Again further details of this will be advertised, nearer the time.

We also intend to offer a social afternoon or two, again this autumn- I will let you know in good time when dates have been booked.

Thinking back to Spring, two very successful coffee mornings were held to raise funds for our project- the Committee would obviously be grateful to any other supporters who wished to host one of these and would be happy to help.

Finally, please do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to suggest different events for next year, or whether you would like some of this year’s events repeated.

Best wishes

Julia D

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