AUGUST Newsletter 2019

August 2019 newsletter

Dear All

Our July Craft Fair and Classic Car Show went amazingly well. You may remember the weather forecast the week before was dire: thunderstorms and gusty winds. In the event, it was windy but we had only one five minute shower.

Unfortunately, one or two stall holders did not attend and the wind broke a stallholder’s gazebo, but other than that, everyone seemed to enjoy the day. Public footfall was good, better than last year, with people still arriving at 3.00pm. Stallholders were complimentary about the tea and cake we served them before opening. The stalls were mixed and sold goods of real quality, from the sterling silver jewellery to household textiles to local paintings. Our own “Made in Gresham” stall brimmed with jam, apple pies, knitted items of all sorts, macramé potholders, paintings and so on. Our thanks go to all who tracked down, or donated, bonanza raffle prizes, including particularly Andy who made a wonderful bird table as the central prize. It was won by a stallholder who was really very pleased. The Hot Dogs produced in the Village Hall kitchen were very popular, too.

Stalls on the Park also reported reasonably good sales, especially in the afternoon when the Ukelele Band’s two performances drew appreciative audiences. Strawberry teas were busy and more cream had to be acquired!

The number of Classic Cars was not as many as last year… owners are known not to wish to get their vehicles wet! But those who did come were enthusiastic about their day, especially of course, the owner of the Ford Prefect, which won the Best Turned out Vehicle trophy.

All in all, we were pleased and relieved at the end of the day (as well as exhausted!). Our spirits rose further when, early the following day, we learnt from Helen, our Treasurer, that we had made a profit of: £2,355.00!! 

The Committee would like to extend our profound thanks to everyone who contributed: our friends and supporters on the day who worked tirelessly in their teams, to create a great atmosphere as well as make a profit; those who contributed items for sale or the raffle; our stallholders who were prepared to take a chance on a new event and brought attractive well-made goods and were lovely people; our Press Officer who ensured everyone who reads the local freebies and the EDP knew about the event; the Broadland Ukes, who gave their performances free of charge; and the public, who attended steadily throughout the day. We are now able to include in the National Lottery heritage Fund bid, a figure of £12,600, as the total amount raised by The Friends for the repair of All Saints Church.

The Bid itself is currently being proof read by the PCC and we are on course to send on August 15th.Helen and I will have we hope only two more meetings to finalise the Project Plan, a much more demanding document than the previous one. My sincere thanks go to Helen for her help and support with this Bid; without her, it would not have been completed. We will have to wait 12 weeks before we get a result, but we continue to fundraise during coming months:

September 28th: Tale Dolce Musica– a Baroque group of instrumentalists and soprano perform in our church : 7.30pm £10.00 a ticket, (refreshments included)- available from September 1st from Julia :01263 577794 or Helen : 01263 577849

October 26th: Sheringham Shanteymen –a very popular renowned local group will perform a varied repertoire in our church : 7.30pm £10.00 per ticket ( refreshments included)- available now from Julia 01263 577794 and Helen : 01263 577849

November 9th: Choir led by Natasha Hood performs in the church- further details of this event will be circulated shortly.

Best wishes to you all

Julia, Chair The Friends of All Saints Gresham

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