Dear All

I write in circumstances remarkably different from those in early March. At that point, we were looking forward to continued fundraising as well as the transformation of the church during the coming year. Now, of course everything is postponed until it is judged safe to resume, whenever that may be.

Prior to the measures taken to suppress the virus, however, we held the Folk and Friends concert at All Saints on 14th March. It was a joyful occasion, full of beautiful music, humorous poetry and amazing contributions by young instrumentalists. The audience, though small, showed their appreciation vigorously after each item and the church looked lovely in candlelight. Donations amounted to £184. We’re very grateful for the time and effort committee member Ros, put in to preparing this event- it certainly paid off in terms of the enjoyment  felt by all those present- thank you so much, Ros. Treasurer Helen was the other significant organiser, thanks to Helen, too.

I hope you are all safe and well and in touch with friends and family regularly. 

The following information was received by a Friend, from a friend of hers, an accredited scientist:

How long is CORONAVIRUS detectable on surfaces?

         AIR                              3 hours

         COPPER                         4 hours

         CARDBOARD                  24 hours

         STAINLESS STEEL        2-3 days

         PLASTIC                       3 days

As a result of taking this in, I am wary of dealing with post and parcels until they have been in my gloved possession for over 24 hours! I am also still using a supermarket once a week, as the available online slots are impossibly long into the future.

Although I have not yet used it, neighbours of mine are using the delivery service for food offered by H V Graves of Briston. They are butchers, have a fresh vegetable and fruit section as well as groceries. You just need to ring to order (01263 860333), and pay by card over the phone. I have not used the firm myself since I lived in Briston ten years ago, and am not on commission, but I am seriously thinking of using them now.

If anyone has any particular needs, I will try to assist if I can, while continuing to exercise social distancing- tel. no. 01263 577794.

Meanwhile, please keep safe at home (except for exercise) and try to keep busy in a variety of ways, enjoying the extra time we all have at present.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Best wishes

Julia Drury, Chair,The Friends of All Saints Gresham

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