Dear All

Sorry this July newsletter has been slightly delayed: last Friday we held a pre-contract meeting with Architect and Builders at All Saints Church, carefully socially distanced of course, and learnt that the builders will be able to start, providing all the permissions have been granted, the week commencing August 4th! This is certainly earlier than anticipated, so we need to get cracking with next stage of paperwork for the Lottery and looking at finance.

As you will have been aware, we have been unable to hold planned fundraising events since mid-March, cancelling the Beeston School concert at short notice. We have no idea when we will be able to resume our planned programme with both the church unavailable for six months as well as the Village Hall currently closed. To support our finances, we need to raise more funds and have decided to form a Friends 100 club. It will be a bit of fun for members and bring us a little more money in a contactless way.

If you would like to join, the cost is £1.00 per month, paid 12 months in advance. You will be allocated a number (or numbers if you’d like multiple chances), and on the first of each month three winning numbers will be drawn. First prize is £25, second £10, third £5. Please send your cheque for £12 (or £24 or whatever multiple you choose), made payable to Friends of All Saints Gresham, to Helen Hunter (Vice Chair and Treasurer of The Friends), at “The Saltings” Holt Road, GRESHAM, NR11 8AD and include your name address and email address. Winners will receive their cheques through the post.

Everyone is free to join- please spread the word. The more entries the more we can spend on the project, and there will be lots of things needed once the church is renovated physically. The draw will begin when we reach 100 entrants and we’ll post that on our shortly to be updated, website: www.greshamchurchfriends.org.uk

Thank you so much in advance for any entries you feel you can make.

The church will be inaccessible for the duration of the building works and the site will be secured. If anyone really needs to visit the church grounds during this time and a builder is working on site, permission may be given by that builder, if it is safe to do so. No one can access the site without specific permission from the builders.

Otherwise, I hope that you are enjoying that little bit more freedom we are being offered, or for those shielding, that freedom that you can enjoy at the end of this month. I went for a picnic by a river last week, and despite the rain, really appreciated being “out”!

Take care of yourselves

Best wishes

Julia Drury

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