Dear All

Having been away for a blissful week into early October, I have delayed the newsletter until I was more or less up to date with project paperwork. I returned to find the first invoices for building work and associated architect’s fees. Helen and I dealt with these first and then set about writing a Progress Report, with photographs, for the Lottery’s perusal. This has now been sent off.

The major drainage work has been completed, with new rainwater goods installed and all channels and soakaways connected with new pipe. There was a minor delay when the excavation uncovered a buried vault on the path a new drainage channel was to take. The vault was undamaged so it remains, reburied where it was found, and the channel route was altered. As the weather became more unsettled, internal work on the choir stall floor and the tower was started; outside work on the north chancel roof has also begun. Bat boxes have been purchased and erected on nearby trees to ensure that any bats disturbed by the builders have alternative roosts available.

Fundraising is still very much on our agenda although options are limited. The 100 club will have its first draw in November, but still welcomes new members.

Some Committee members have decided to home bake Christmas cakes for sale during November. We will offer small (6”, 15cm), medium (8”,20cm), or large (10”, 25cm) fruit cakes, with or without alcohol, which can be covered with marzipan and icing, with frill, if required. Please let me know (01263 577794) if you are interested in ordering one or more of these. I will circulate a price list shortly once we have worked it out. We expect to be able to deliver by the end of November 2020. 

Another idea we would like to pursue, is a regular weekly outdoor sale during November, weather permitting, of accumulated bric a brac, un-claimed raffle prizes and so on. We would have some home-made cakes and other produce. Hand sanitiser will be used prior to browsing and those visiting will be expected to socially distance. Any contributions of goods for this sale would be most welcome and will be thoroughly cleaned before sale. Orders for Christmas cakes can be placed at this event, too. I will let you know shortly where and when these sales will take place.

I do hope you are all keeping well and trying to remain positive in these worrying times. The Friends can be contacted using our website: greshamchurchfriends.org.uk or through me (01263 577794), if we can be of any help.

So look out for a further email with details on Christmas cakes and the sales before the end of this month. 

Enjoy the Autumn colours

Best wishes

 Julia Drury, Chair, The Friends of All Saints Gresham

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