December 2020 Newsletter

Dear All

I hope I find you all well and looking forward to a better 2021!

The project has made progress since I last wrote in October. Work has been completed on the new drainage system and roof repairs started. Our architect has visited to check on the builders and has asked for a number of items to be slightly modified or additional work to be done. The East window has been removed and an expert glazier is undertaking careful renovation of the glass and tracery. Some work has begun inside the church but there is much still to do.

Last week, the Steering Committee met the Architect to discuss the final paint colour to be used when the Nave is redecorated. Four possibilities were identified and samples of these will be ordered for us to see each on a section of wall before the final decision is made. On Wednesday December 2nd, the ecologist, architect, builder and I are meeting at the church to review how the work is impacting on our bat residents. Overall, unsurprisingly, the project is running somewhat behind schedule and we do not expect the repairs to be complete until at least the end of February 2021.

Helen, our Treasurer, and I have sent the Lottery three payment request forms, and the money has been paid relatively speedily. We have submitted progress reports with each payment request… the paperwork is quite onerous! Our request for the repayment of the VAT associated with each invoice has been less easy to access. We have just submitted our third request to this organisation and are still awaiting payment of the second.

Otherwise, we are in touch with those leading the Paston 600 project, who have kindly offered help to draw up the material we intend to put on the heritage banners in the refurbished church, to inform our visitors and community in more detail, about the church and village history. Also, we are beginning to consider the local walks and cycle routes to include in our leaflets encouraging more people to visit the church. If anyone has any ideas about this, please do get in touch with your suggestions. The first draws of our 100 club took place in early November and yesterday for December. In November the winning numbers were 3, 12 and 74; in December they were 98, 48, and 27. Winners have been notified. Thank you all who have supported this fundraising in the last few months.

May I take this opportunity, on behalf of the whole committee to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a healthy and more social 2021. 

With very best wishes

Julia Drury, Chair of The Friends of All Saints Gresham

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