Friends’ newsletter :  February 2021

Dear All, 

I hope I find you all well and thankful that at least one month of lockdown has been completed. The Vaccine roll-out seems to have gathered pace…I have mine tomorrow and did not expect it so soon; something positive at last!

I have written to welcome Jeremy Sykes, our new priest, on behalf of The Friends. He was licensed at a Virtual service at West Runton on January 18th, attended by Peter Campbell, Church Warden at Gresham All Saints. 

I understand the service was well attended online and we look forward to getting to know Jeremy well, as he takes up the reins.

I called the first Committee meeting ( a Zoom, virtual meeting to which all but one of us was able to connect, thanks to the technical support of Chris Hunter) for many months in late January. I wanted the Committee to take stock of our progress and make plans to fulfil the Project outcomes we had identified in the bid. Obviously no firm decisions can be made in the current circumstances, but we sketched out a possible calendar for the rest of the year and discussed plans for a Celebration event, as soon as is feasible once the church is ready. A series of history lectures, relevant to the church and village and some artistic and musical events could then be staged in the Autumn. We think our workshops will now probably take place in 2022.

Fundraising ideas were also suggested, including the publication of a Gresham Friends’ Recipe booklet, an online lecture, and the establishment of a weatherproof stall/hut in the village for the sale of homemade produce of any sort. If any of you have ideas for fundraising or would like to get involved with organising any of these suggestions, don’t hesitate to let me know.

The 100 Club winners for this month are Numbers 51, 6, and 1. The winners have already received their cheques, or are shortly to do so. Thanks goes as ever to Helen Hunter our indefatigable Treasurer.

Keep safe all

Best wishes

 Julia Drury, Chair The Friends of All Saints Gresham

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