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Thursday 23rd July at 7pm in the Church.

Mr David North from Norfolk Wildlife Trust is coming to talk about Norfolk hedgerows. It will be interesting to learn about the species not only growing in, but living in our hedges.

We will follow the talk with complimentary refreshments as usual. 

Thursday 6th October time provisionally 7pm.

We will have an ecologist coming to talk about our resident bat population. There were three species found in the Church during the restoration work and great pains were taken to make sure they were safe and disturbed as little as possible. Complimentary refreshments after the talk.


  1. Hi,
    I have seen a talk on constructing medieval churches advertised in the Eastern Daily Press (taking place 27/05). The article disappeared and was replaced by a talk on medieval fonts. Can you confirm what the talk will be about please? I have an interest in how medieval churches were constructed, but not so much fonts. We will be travelling up from London so would appreciate some clarity please.

    • Dear Keith,
      Thank you for your enquiry. The talk on the 27th is titled, Building the Norfolk Medieval Church, the building and it’s contents. The speaker has spent many years researching the funding and building of our Churches using wills as source material amongst other things. I believe he will include fonts in his talk but only as part of the subject matter. I hope that helps and that you would like to join us.

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